Firstly, I want to thank God for His greatness and His word which He never goes against.

My marriage is a living and ongoing testimony. Though many stood against us because of religion and tradition God continued to teach and strengthen us to be stronger in Him and stronger together. Our marriage literally shows that what God has put together no man is able or has the power to put asunder!!

I also glorify Jehovah over my husband! I remember when we first started talking and God showed me in a dream it was him, I would journey with (I didn't tell him though...) God also showed me the great man, husband, teacher and father he would be come. As we journeyed through trials and tribulations at some point I lost hope and wondered.....God...this isn't what you showed me. With so many standing against us, I really wondered would we make it so early in marriage. I thank God because I check my husband out and see him becoming THAT man that God showed me! He thought he could never speak in tongues....NOW HE DOES!!! He thought only 'special people prophesied'....but to the GLORY of GOD!! MY MAN PROPHECIED!! And constantly hears from God!!! Which he thought he could never do!!

I thank God for using Apostle, NCM! WORSHIP LEADERS as they have truly aided this growth. I thank God for my son who is a living proof that there is a greater doctor above all doctors that defies man's expectations!!I thank God for restoration!! I thank God for increase in confidence, patience and wisdom as a wife and as a mother!! I thank God that my prayers are truly being answered. Our lives as individuals and as 1 unit truly shows the greatness and faithfulness of God almighty. My life! My husband! My marriage! My son!!!!!!! They are all a testimony! And they all belong to you Lord! For this I am thankful!


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